Samba Massage, Westlands

samba 4

Indian, Arab and White masseuse. Best erotic massage in Westlands, Nairobi

Call 0792 403 214 for the best massage girls!!


Kamasutra Massage, Mombasa

kamasutras mombasa massage

Kamasutras massage in Mombasa for that special feeling. Hotel service available.

Its always a pleasure massage in Mombasa!

Exceptional Massage Therapy

Exceptional Massage Therapy Nairobi

Relax under the touch of our young massage therapists in Nairobi

Sensual massage the way we do it!

Reflex Massage Nairobi

Reflex Massage Nairobi

Reflex Aromatherapy Massage in Westlands for sensational massage therapy.

Aromatherapy massage in Nairobi at its best

                Massage Parlours

Massage stimulates the circulation of the blood in the body, increasing oxygen carried to body tissues. This induces a sense of relaxation, lowers the blood pressure and allows the body to begin a journey of recovery and healing.

We've done the hard work in putting together a list of massage parlours in Kenya, and we'll keep it as up to date as we can. All you have to do is make a call!

                Mid-Week Specials

Keep a look out for our mid-week massage specials. We have special massage deals every Wednesday to select massage places in Nairobi. Only a limited number to give away so make sure to check often.

Shujaa day Specials. Come and be treated like the shujaa you are. Many massage parlours will stay open today and tomorrow. Call one of the girls in Nairobi or Mombasa for a massage to remember.

               Benefits of Massage

Massage can produce remarkable effects when the stresses of daily life are left behind. Some people prefer to have a happy ending after their massage.

The fact is sex releases the dopamine hormone, in men, which is called the happiness hormone with good reason! It also blocks pain signals which leaves you feeling better and sets the body on a healing path.